The White Family Welcomes you to Duston Country Club! Enjoy your round and have a great day.

For your safety we ask that you honor all out of bounds on the course.


Early play before 7:00 AM is always welcome, however please remember you will run into the early morning maintenance crew. This is the time of day that most of our work on the course gets done and it is very important that the crew is allowed to work as quickly as possible before the crowds come out. If you choose to play at this hour, great, but please remember that the grounds crew will not stop what they are doing to allow you to play through. You will need to play around them.


All members are expected to check in at the pro shop before they go out to play. You are expected to sign-in and let the person on duty know you are here. Also remember, ALWAYS check in when you are making the turn. We work very hard to make things flow as smoothly as possible off the first tee and we need everyone to follow these simple rules.


We will be taking tee times up to a week in advance.


Please remember that you should always show up for your tee time at least 15 minutes early and should have the number of people that you made the reservation for. We simply ask you to ALWAYS call the pro shop with your changes.


#1 Left, stakes near road; right, spruce trees and stakes
#2 Long over green (road)
#3 Stakes on left
#4 Stakes on left; past green to 5th tee
#5 Stakes and spruce trees on left
#6 Stakes and spruce trees on left and right
#7 Stakes and spruce trees on right
#8 Stakes and spruce trees on right; on left, through 7th fairway
#9 Stakes and spruce trees on right and long; stakes on left

Free lift if under spruce trees and in bounds. Two club lengths from point of entry, no closer to the hole.

Free lift from screen guarding 8th tee while playing both #1 and #7. Move laterally away from screen until screen is out of play; must not be closer to the hole.

Free lift from all cart paths.


Be aware of your speed of play. Follow these few hints and make everyone's golfing experience enjoyable:

1. Be aware of other people hitting near you.
2. Wave group up on holes #7 and #9.
3. Be ready to hit when it is your turn.
4. Keep up with the group in front of you.
5. Avoid practice shots or mulligans.

Please keep your carts 30 feet from tees and greens, on the paths, and outside of the roped areas. Repair ball marks on greens and rake the sand bunkers. Thanks you and enjoy your round.


Duston Country Club
40 Country Club Road     Hopkinton NH 03229